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Resume & Pitch

Bob. An Underemployed Overacheiver.

A design engineer with the tenacity of a wolverine, Bob excelled at consumer electronic product design, but was toiling under an abusive boss who sabotaged his best efforts. Exhausted from a 1.5-hour commute and weary from a year-long job search that got him nowhere, he turned to Get What You Set for answers. Read more...

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Bob's Summary/Pitch - Not Getting It!

A Senior Design Engineering position utilizing experience in design and engineering development of mechanical, electrical and electronic consumer products.

Get This: Talk about vague! Bob's Summary is so generic that he might as well have left it blank. The response is a deafening: So what? To really capture his unique talents and position, every element of Bob's resume must be able to answer:

  • Why should I hire you?
  • What differentiates you from every other design engineer?
  • What value can you bring to my enterprise, i.e., how can you help us deliver more reliable products with much faster turnaround times at lower costs?

After - Getting It!

Seeking a Senior Design Engineering position to leverage 26 years experience innovating and designing a vast array of complex consumer products. Possess a wide bandwidth of design expertise that requires less labor, improves reliability and marketability, and propels products from concept to store shelves. Reputation for delivering finished products on time and under budget with zero recalls.

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Bob's Resume: Most Recent Job - Not Getting It!

Senior Mechanical Design Engineer 1998-2006

Leading Speaker Manufacturer

Responsibilities and duties:

Get This: By failing to describe the company's mission, size and product offerings along with Bob's role at the company, this information is meaningless. To a hiring manager, he's just another generic candidate in a sea of applicants. Specifics sell!

  • Designed Digital Theater Systems, integrated Dolby Digital Surround audio systems, including powered subwoofer, active center channel unit and 4 satellites.

Get This: Bob just stated his function, rather than the results he achieved that were meaningful to his employer's bottom line.

  • Design stages included mechanical design of plastic housing components, mechanical layout of electronic components (2 populated PC boards, cables, drivers) utilizing Pro/E rel.19, rapid prototyping of plastic components (SLA) and creating detailed drawings.

Get This: So what and who cares? An employer wants to know that you understand the business implications of your work. In this case, Bob needs to demonstrate how he found solutions that accelerated the design process, saved money and/or gave the company a competitive edge in the marketplace.

  • Designed packaging for the product including RSC (Regular Slotted Container) with partitions and EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) spacers utilizing Pro/E.

Get This: Again we have a generic ho-hum description of a job function and not how that function delivered value. Why not describe how his design work required fewer components and reduced labor, assembly costs and time-to-market cycles?

  • Communicated mechanical aspects of the product design with industrial design firm, company marketing, sales personal and Far East vendors through all product design stages.

Get This: Duh, that’s what all engineers do. Including this information without vital specifics will put the reader to sleep. Bob should have emphasized his record of transforming complex design and manufacturing requirements into profitable and dependable end-products.

  • Supported product implementation and modifications at vendor’s site in Asia.

Get This: Boring. He should have addressed his ability to successfully collaborate with Asian manufacturing partners by helping them to execute design plans on time, on budget and with zero defects. He should also have explained how his sensitivity to cross-cultural differences helped achieve the results.

  • Designed two central channel speakers, consisting of 4 drivers, Medium Density Fiber housings with internal partitions and cloth stretched plastic grilles.
  • Created layouts and mechanical drawing specs for 6 amplifiers and 3 crossovers for floor-standing amplified loudspeakers.

Get This: This is too much technical information that just weighs the resume down without added benefit. Bob should delete this while making sure that the other bullets reinforce how the breadth and depth of his expertise benefited his employer.

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Bob's Resume: Getting It!

Leading Speaker Manufacturer 1998-2006

Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

A $500MM company that designs, manufactures, and markets high performance audio systems. Hired as a critical team player to launch new, highly competitive products. Developed mechanical designs that enabled the company to profitably transition from a generic, low-cost speaker manufacturer to an elite electronics enterprise delivering superior products at sustainable, premium prices.

  • Demonstrated a wide bandwidth of design ability that required fewer staff, allowing for significantly improved quality control and error-free design that propelled products from concept to store shelves.
  • Designed a Digital Theater System with numerous components that positioned the company to take a leading position in an emerging market. Sales increased by 10%, adding $50MM against a plan of 7%, which brought the company back to profitability.
  • Transformed a $150K software investment into a marketing tool that produced award-winning designs and ignited sales. Perfected the art of top-down design with Pro/E Wildfire 2 to make products more versatile and modifiable. This ultimately saved redesign time and shortened product development cycles by an average of 4-6 weeks.
  • Accelerated the design process by creating an atmosphere of trust with the production, testing, marketing and finance teams. This strengthened the sales force's ability to meet customer needs and ultimately improved cash flow and profitability.

Get This: Bob's contribution to the company rings loud and clear. With his upgraded Summary/Pitch, Bob demonstrates not only how his design skills and processes affected the time-to-market strategy, but also how his work impacted the company's bottom line. Then his bullets highlight specific accomplishments that back-up his Summary.