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Sample LinkedIn Summaries 

Profile: M.Z., Marketing Agency Owner

M.Z. is Founder & President of ABC* Marketing Group, LLC, a leading youth and family marketing agency that combines strategic insight and integrated, community-based marketing solutions with direct access to 100 million kids, teens, college students, and 40 million moms. ABC was acquired by Omnicom Worldwide's Radiate Group in 2006.

ABC is dedicated to connecting brands with youth and moms “on their own turf” - within the grassroots environments that are central to their daily lives. ABC’s marketing programs are known for building significant peer-to-peer influence that drives brand consideration, loyalty and advocacy.

ABC has also earned the trust and confidence of its channel partners across the U.S., including: Daycares, K-12 schools, colleges, camps, youth sports, community groups and recreation departments, after-school programs, pediatric offices, libraries, entertainment and lifestyle venues, etc.

Our clients are market leaders in categories such as entertainment, food and beverage, consumer healthcare and hygiene, and publishing, and include Coca-Cola, Bic, Sony Online Entertainment, Unilever, McDonald’s, Kellogg, Johnson & Johnson and Bayer Consumer Healthcare. ABC is also the exclusive marketing agency for TerraCycle, a global leader in the environmental sector. 
M.Z. has been recognized for:
  • Envisioning opportunities that generate a pipeline of fresh ideas with target and channel relevance.
  • Deciphering voices of multiple stakeholders to create tactics that successfully actualize objectives.
  • Inspiring trust and confidence with clients and channel partners by transforming ideas into action with unmistakable results.
  • An inexhaustible work ethic that delivers exceptional client service and drives repeat business. 

* Not the company’s real name

Profile: F.O., CFO

Highly regarded CFO who helps growing companies build infrastructures, raise money and complete exit strategies. Brings expertise in SEC reporting and SOX initiatives with 15 years public company foundation (including Big Four). Relied upon by CEOs and Boards to play a pivotal role in:

  • Achieving cost efficiencies and operating excellence
  • Instilling a mission based culture
  • Deploying transparent policies and principles which protect the balance sheet.

Gained a sterling reputation for building secure financial infrastructures in technology and life science firms by:

  • Obtaining over $300 million of capital for private and public companies, including initial public offerings, through earning the trust and confidence of investors.
  • Completing exit and financing strategies through M&A transactions with tenacity and finesse.
  • Providing the inspirational leadership to align all departments to the company’s mission and instilling a heightened level of discipline that reaches beyond the realm of finance (i.e. operations, human resources, information technology and legal).
  • Moving fluidly to resolve strategic issues in the Board room to molecular ones in the general ledger.


  • Drives responsibility, accountability and transparency throughout organizations.
  • Fosters a culture of cooperation by building consensus, attaining buy-in and creating a performance oriented culture.
  • Brings a voice of reason with the strength to provide constructive feedback in guiding decision makers to clarity.

Profile: D.B., IT Procurement

Global procurement executive with an impressive history of leading teams to enhance the fiscal and operational health of Fortune 500 companies. In the business of:

  • Instilling operational discipline to leverage and realize “Best in Class” pricing, resulting in record-breaking savings and long-term efficiencies.

  • Ensuring strict risk compliance to mitigate exposure to vendor disruptions or technology invasions and averting operational stoppages.

  • Delivering impressive cost savings through the standardization and centralization of technology purchases.


  • Recognized for delivering measurable and enduring results that exceed management expectations

  • Transmits optimism and an unrelenting intensity in the pursuit of exceptional client service

  • Applies an inclusive and enthusiastic approach that inspires staff to over-deliver on goals

  • Brings a legal savvy approach to optimize vendor interactions

Profile: L.F., Communications Strategist

Communications professional who creates and implements engagement strategies that boost sales and build loyalty. Sixth sense for uncovering and leveraging key audience and industry insights to develop value propositions and messaging that highlight market differentiation and cultivate trust. 

Earned a reputation for:

  • Equipping Fortune 500 clients with enterprise-wide, cost-effective strategic roadmaps that enhance customer relationships by connecting product/service benefits to key decision criteria and ensuring clarity and consistency of information and brand.

  • Facilitating smooth consumer and employee adoption of web-based products and software through online and offline content, user guides, and training/support materials that are engaging and user-friendly.

  • Driving incremental business by cultivating trusted relationships, identifying opportunities to solve additional problems and helping clients win internal buy-in.

  • Leading project teams to expedite the development of presentations and deliverables by quickly synthesizing complex information gleaned from interviews and market research, while leveraging knowledge of print and web production, and data and systems integration.