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Lynn. Trapped in Toxic Patterns.

After many years as VP of Human Resources for a leading hotel with hundreds of employees, Lynn was ready for a change. While she made many contributions to the hotel's bottom line by instituting policies to counteract a dysfunctional culture with countless union disputes, low employee morale and constant strife had taken its toll.

Her new career objective was to work in another sector as an employee relations director. She sent out hundreds resumes, responded to countless internet postings, but was never called for an interview. Even as an HR professional who makes a living assessing resumes and talent, she was ineffective at communicating her value and identifying realistic opportunities, and relied upon tired and ubiquitious job hunting strategies. Read more...

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Lynn's Summary/Pitch - Not Getting It!

Human Resources generalist, consultant and corporate trainer with 15+ years experience defining and revitalizing corporate cultures. Highly experienced in project management, training and development and strategic thinking. Excellent negotiation, team building, facilitation and public speaking skills. Strong ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment.

Get This: ‘Generalist’ sounds like a jack-of-all-trades, master of none. In fact, most of the terms used here are generic and could be found on many resumes. Since Lynn wants to work in Employee Relations, this summary must reflect the specific talents that make her an extraordinary candidate in an overcrowded job market. And, because Human Resources is not a revenue producing department, it is critical that Lynn immediately addresses how she has indirectly contributed to the bottom line by containing costs and boosting productvity.

After - Getting It!

Seeking an Employee Relations leadership role in the service sector. Positioned to leverage 15 years of designing and implementing systemic changes that enable an enterprise to optimize its investment in human capital by strengthening productivity. Battle tested experience in raising employee morale, retaining top tier talent and realigning toxic employees and policies to drive organizational efficiencies through a healthier and more competitive workforce.

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Lynn's Resume: Most Recent Job - Not Getting It!


Human Resources Director and Trainer 2002-Present

Get This: While the hotel is a well known brand, Lynn should have provided information about the company such as global reach, market standing and number of employees she managed/served. She also should have mentioned that she was hired as a human resources generalist and promoted to department head in nine months. Both of these points speak to her ability to thrive in a large corporate environment.

Responsibilities and duties:

  • Designed, delivered, assessed and evaluated learning and organizational development programs (i.e.: mentoring, customer service, executive coaching, performance review, development).

Get This: Lynn is again presenting generic functions. Reality: the hotel was suffering internally. Guest complaints, overtime costs and employee absences soared, while morale was at an all time low. Chaos stemmed from tardiness and unauthorized time off taken by 75% of employees. The programs she implemented actually helped resolve these issues and increase overall productivity and customer satisfaction, but she failed to mention it.

  • Analyzed and identified organizational issues and implemented strategic solutions, which has led to positively impacting the bottom line.

Get This: Lynn should be more specific about key problems she addressed and quantify or qualify how she impacted the bottom line. In her position it's all about driving productivity by recruiting, training and retaining the best talent. Describing success in these areas also strengthens her credibility in her search for an Employee Relations role.

  • Interpreted labor contracts, policies, mediated disputes, conducted investigations, administered disciplinary action, heard grievances and counseled employees on work/life issues.

Get This: Again, more functions versus how she facilitated change in the organization. Lynn actually had a 98% success rate in negotiations which not only saved hundreds of thousands of dollars on legal fees, but also reduced the amount of grievances which were brought by an aggressive union.

  • Conducted leadership development at all levels of the organization.

Get This: So what? What did all the development lead to and how did it make the company better by improving customer service and loyalty, operations, employee retention, etc.?

  • Coached employees on management skills, effective communication, relationship building and other employee related topics.

Get This: This is her fifth bullet point of what essentially is her job description. Most resume readers will read 3 or 4 bullets if something meaningful is said.

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Lynn's Resume: Getting It!

Flagship Property of International Hotel Chain, New York, NY 2002 - Present

Human Resources Director (4 direct/ 75 indirect reports serving 475 employees) for leading global hospitality company with 3,500 hotels and 535,000 guest rooms across nearly 100 countries. Recruited as a human resources generalist and promoted to department head in nine months by setting higher service standards for the chain. Facilitated the following systemic changes:


  • Instituted policies, procedures, disciplinary actions and incentives that:
    • Netted $4 million annually in payroll savings (3% of overall wage budget)
    • Reduced overtime by 84% and unauthorized absences by 71%
    • Virtually eliminated employee tardiness
    • Earned the respect of union leaders and their support in facilitating positive changes

Recruitment & Retention

  • Implemented a "Top Grading" system that pinpointed employees who required further training and enrichment, while replacing over 100 underperforming workers. There were no legal repercussions and the hotel benefited from a more focused, energized and quality driven work force.

Training & Development

  • Upgraded all facets of training & development by deploying industry best practices and skills learned from Development Dimensions International.
  • Implemented safety and customer service programs across the organization which improved customer satisfaction levels from 65% to 90%.
  • Reallocated management resources and conducted executive coaching which enabled employee enrichment programs to flourish and directly impact service levels.

GET THIS: Lynn's resume reinvention through Get What You Set clearly indicates how she is positioned to make broad and sustainable impact upon a company's most important asset; its employees. Now she can articulate her real value that will resonate with prospects in virtually any industry she pursues.