Thursday, October 17, 2019

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The market is flooded with career and job search resources. Many of them tell you to communicate your value by describing your accomplishments. They're right. Why? Because employers are interested in the results that you achieved with your day-to-day functions and responsibilities. In other words, the value you deliver is reflected in the difference you make to the eco-system of an organization and how it ultimately impacts the bottom line.

Yet, how do you identify which results are relevant for a prospective employer? And, how do you communicate those results in a way that is compelling and distinctive?

Get What You Set believes that the answers become evident when you ask the right questions. When you think about a function and/or a task you've performed, put it through an Importance Filter by asking yourself:

#1 So what?

#2 Why was this important or relevant?

#3 Who benefited from my work?

And then put it through a Results Filter to identify the meaningful outcomes that this work achieved. Some key questions to ask yourself are:

Did I...

#1 Contribute to decreasing costs?

#2 Contribute to increasing sales or profits?

#3 Contribute to an increase in market share or penetration?

#4 Contribute to an improvement in customer/client satisfaction, loyalty or experience?

#5 Enhance a company's brand's image, reputation or competitive standing?

#6 Strengthen the operational capacity of a team or an organization?

#7 Help transform a system/process, team, project, division or a business?

#8 Support management and/or better decision making?

#9 Change expectations and/or perceptions about something?

#10 Mitigate any risks for my department, employer, or clients?

#11 Uncover or reveal vulnerabilities in a process, product, service or competitor?

#12 Facilitate a resolution to something or stabilize a negative or volatile situation?

Click on the photos above for samples of how these questions helped GWYS clients showcase their value in their resumes and pitches. The scenarios are real, yet we changed the names of the job seekers and companies to protect their identities.

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